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These Lifesize suits are of a limited series of one hundred pieces,each piece being signed and numbered. They are available in silver, gold or black and in smooth or textured finish. This large Ned Kelly wallhanging sculpture is handmade from earthenware clay and fired twice, with a bronze gold glaze applied for the second firing.The chest piece is made from two separate pieces joined before firing.The clay texture is wrinkled (also available in smooth). A leather strap has been fitted through holes in the mask for easy hanging. All are signed, numbered and dated on the back and packaged in a wooden box for safe transport.

Bronze gold
Clay Texture
1200mm high by 450mm wide approx.
$1400 Australian
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Quantity Remaining:1
Sold: 75Silver/7 Gold/
16 Black/1 Brown
Last updated Jan 2016

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